Effective Leadership

Effective leadership in this increasingly VUCA world

and how to develop, drive and measure sustainable team performance & agility


You may have heard of the term VUCA before. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. It is used to describe today’s world. The world in which organizations now find themselves. Amplified by Covid-19, but a world that already existed pre-Covid. The world you are in now.

One misunderstanding about VUCA is that there is nothing you can do about it and the strain will happen to you. This is the right challenge for today’s leaders to guide their organizations through this unpredictable world.

That implies leadership challenges for almost any organization. Probably as well for your organization.

Together with a select group of HR- and Business leaders, we have discussed these challenges, how they impact the respective organizations and how Alexander Hughes’ Client-fit could help develop, drive and measure sustainable team performance & agility.

CLIENT-Fit evaluates at individual and/or team level:
· The leadership potential
· The agility (capacity to adapt leadership style to diverse situations)
· The emotional stability
· The cultural fit with a target culture and a leadership model

We have hosted this online event on

Wednesday March 31st, 2021
from 15:30h to 17:00h.

Free, exclusive and by invitation only. Please reach out to me (h.stakenburg@alexanderhughes.com) if you’d like to be invited for a following event.

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